You have heard about Credit Card Processing on Cell Phones and seen it perhaps on TV but here are the details on how this works AND IT WON'T BREAK THE BANK.

Less Than $3.00 to Download the Merchant Processing Application to your Phone.

Fits about 400 Phones

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A great alternative to Wireless Credit Card Terminals

The Sage Mobile Payments reader is small enough to carry in your pocket and fits in your device’s audio input jack. No bulky attachments.

No special adapters. Take advantage of the lowest card present rates and end-to-end encryption.

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Instructions for use:

1) Take the Sage Mobile Payments reader out of its case

2) To use with your mobile device, SET VOLUME TO MAXIMUM LEVEL

3) Plug device into audio headset jack

4) Open ROAMpay application on your phone

5) On credit card input screen, press “Swipe” button

6) Swipe card when prompted

7) Press “Verify Swipe” button after swipe is completed


Accept Payments. Anytime. Anywhere.

Now you can accept credit cards in-the-field, on the job site, at the tradeshow, at the charity event...’on the go’.

Our complete solution offers instant setup and comes bundled with your own low-cost merchant account. And Sage Mobile has an industry leading end-to-end encrypted card reader, ensuring rock solid security on every transaction. What’s more? It works on more than 400 devices. So what are you waiting for? Instantly convert your cell phone, smart phone or tablet into a secure credit card terminal today!


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